Copperwealth is a fictional audio series from independent studio, Cryptiquest, LLC about super villains in a post-steampunk world. It is dark. It is gritty. But it also has heart.

The stories of Copperwealth are violent. They contain foul language and unsavory characters (a lot of unsavory characters). Their arcs intertwine, building up in layers, and take unexpected turns.

Copperwealth is presented in a style similar to “radio drama.” Actors voice the characters as if they are in the scene and a narrator describes the action and environment.

The first volume is being produced right now as you read this. Once finished, you will be able to listen to it on your favorite podcatcher and right here on the Copperwealth website.

Copperwealth is proudly produced in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Pittsburgh: A city that sports good (or so I’m told).


Luke Reynolds
Creator, Writer, Producer, Mixer, Etc.

Christy Mölzer

Sean Thomas (of thefuzzstudio)

Special Thanks to:
Pete Butler-Davis, Michael Byrne, Jason Swope, and the wondrous Amoté Garvin

Cast of Characters

Narrator – Heidi Dove

Introduction – Luke Reynolds

Powderkeg – Sean Lenhart

Vonkelgore – Jenn Henry