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What Is Copperwealth?

“In Copperwealth, there are no heroes. You’re either a victim or a villain. Most folks are a bit of both. Some folks? Ain’t so lucky.”

-The Guide

About Copperwealth

Copperwealth is a fictional setting where residents are either victim or villain. The latter exists in many a varied form who conspire and scheme with one another to prey upon the former. In such a world, if heroes are to be born, they have little chance to survive childhood. So heroes must instead ascend from the wicked. However, such a change is unlikely lest an outside force pushes the need for ascension.

One such force is on the horizon – one which will require a showdown with the ascended to prevent human extinction. But even so, becoming a hero requires more than might. Heroism has nothing to do with combat prowess and learning that lesson might just be impactful enough to change a society forever.

Part One: The Cataclysm

A bomb heist. A mining car robbery. A serum theft. Factions form to carry out these deeds in a world rife with villains. Mercenaries, gangs, and maniacs unfurl their schemes; each unaware of the others. But that’s all about to change – causing far more mayhem than anyone could have ever imagined.

Part Two: The Transition

Major schemes derailed, the villains of Copperwealth must shift their goals, affiliations, or even their identities to deal with the consequences of the cataclysm. All the while its source is still out there and accumulating strength – perhaps even enough to tip the balance of power forever.

Part Three: The Metamorphosis

A city under siege. Citizens imprisoned. Forty-seven Sparkflood serums. The very existence of humanity is on the line and the time has come for villains to become heroes. Will they apply the lessons they learned? Or is Copperwealth doomed to become the playground for a godlike maniac?

Road Map

The pathway forward is always shifting as new information comes to light. As such, this plan may change from time-to-time. However, the latest path I plan to follow will always be located here.

I’m currently working on writing short synopses for each chapter for the whole trilogy. By focusing on short synopses I can generate the full (though condensed) story to see how well the chapters flow and if there are any glaring narrative gaps.

PhaseEstimated DeadlineStatus
Short Synopses based on ThemeJanuary 202350% Complete
Short Synopses for ReviewFebruary 2023N/A
Full Trilogy Scene StructuresJuly 2023N/A
First Draft of Book OneSeptember 2023N/A
First Draft of Book TwoNovember 2023N/A
First Draft of Book ThreeJanuary 2024N/A
Trilogy ReleasedQ4 2024N/A