Road Map

The pathway forward is always shifting as new information comes to light. As such, this plan may change from time-to-time. However, the latest path I plan to follow will always be located here.

I’m currently working on writing short synopses for each chapter for the whole trilogy. By focusing on short synopses I can generate the full (though condensed) story to see how well the chapters flow and if there are any glaring narrative gaps.

PhaseEstimated DeadlineStatus
Short Synopses based on ThemeJanuary 202350% Complete
Short Synopses for ReviewFebruary 2023N/A
Full Trilogy Scene StructuresJuly 2023N/A
First Draft of Book OneSeptember 2023N/A
First Draft of Book TwoNovember 2023N/A
First Draft of Book ThreeJanuary 2024N/A
Trilogy ReleasedQ4 2024N/A